Private Cloud

Private HiveCloud enables customer to have dedicated resource which determined by customer to ensure high level of security according to customer regulation and policy

Private HiveCloud is a neutral cloud that enables customer to determine own preferred hardware brand and network provider

Private HiveCloud is located in own data center with 24/7 service connected to almost all Indonesian network providers

Public Cloud

Public HiveCloud is a service over the internet Build on a multi tenant environment equipped with high performance computing, storage and next generation firewall

Public HiveCloud is a fast deployed cloud infrastructure with high reliability, security, flexibility and high performance enabling customer to create own instant cloud with easy access, anytime, anywhere

Public HiveCloud platform gives customer on demand access anytime

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid HiveCloud extend your corporate environment Step into the cloud by leveraging the same workload environment on premise and in the cloud

Hybrid HiveCloud enables your project procurement teams to build and later decommission an environment in a matter of hours and days rather than the traditional weeks and months and allows you to overlay the same security policies and infrastructure builds as exist in your corporate environment

Ensuring your IT complexity and support overheads remain fixed

Cloud Back Up

Cloud Hive Backup protect your valuable data from system failures (such as misconfiguration, errors, hacking or any risk of data loss) with quick and automated restoration of the virtual servers

HiveCloud Backup will store your valuable data in our cloud repository and your copy in the other location

HiveCloud backup provides data integrity, VM Level Backup, File Level backup, backup HiveCloud to public cloud, Backup premises to public cloud, customized backup retention, backup managed service

Disaster Recovery

HiveCloud DR provides fully separated cloud infrastructure and system that could be synchronized in time of disaster or failure of main site which detrimental to your business HiveCloud DR ensuring a business continuity

Our DR technology protects your data continuously in time of disaster, minimizing its impact to your business, supporting your business operation recovery

HiveCloud DR provide facilitate RPO, Self service Portal, Free DR Simulation Testing, Optional Manage Service DR, Flexible choice of connectivity reduce c omplexity on DR Operation, cheaper than traditional DR